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CHAIN OF DOGS Gebroake, Gehange En Gewroake CD

CHAIN OF DOGS Gebroake, Gehange En Gewroake CD

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On their debut full length (whose title translates to “Broken, Hanged And Avenged”) Holland’s CHAIN OF DOGS have a successful go at the underbelly of Folk music to get to its guts and serve them to you in a bloody mix of Thrash and Punk. Blending the traditional with the loud, these mangy motherfolkers will leave you crushed in their wake, like the heavy boots of miners storming to their favourite pubs after a hard day’s work! Check out songs like ‘Doa Is Mie Land’, or the title track, ‘Gebroake, Gehange En Gewroake’ both sung in their local Limburgian dialect and you will be hooked! No remorse, no regrets… if you hear the howling be sure the DOGS are near! 


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