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BÖNEYARD Below Mediocrity MCD

BÖNEYARD Below Mediocrity MCD

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Excavation of the local graveyards in Athens has unearthed this filthy foursome of hellbangers playing catchy, thirst inducing Black Thrash ‘N’ Roll with a good dose of Speed Metal and Punk attitude! These 4 songs is what you’d get if VENOM meets up with MOTÖRHEAD and BATHORY to jam and have a couple whiskeys and then the wild bastards of GEHENNAH show up to join the evil RnR party! It’s filthy, it’s raw, it’s BÖNEYARD! Features a fantastic cover art courtesy of Five Miligrams, a 6 panel booklet and 3 originals with a cool rendition of the GEHENNAH classic “Decibel Rebel”! 


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